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250 MG (5) Enhanced CBD + CBG Capsules – Trial Pack


Trial size (5 caps) of our flagship product, features 52 MG CBD derivatives per capsule including our proprietary Enhanced CBD. The formulation is rounded out with traditional CBD and a touch of CBG to level out the effects.

Great for anyone from casual CBD users looking for relaxation or relief to performance athletes looking to gain a competitive edge! We encourage you to try for yourself with a risk free satisfaction guarantee, but we’ve seen dramatic increases in speed of felt effects, length of effects and overall strength of effects, allowing for higher quality of relief and significant improvements in training performance.

Try the most scientifically advanced CBD formulation on the market today!

Limit 1 of each trial pack per customer.

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NuCura Enhanced CBD is modified to boost the desirable effects up to 10x that of traditional and other variations of modified CBD. Initial effects can be felt within 15-30 minutes, peaking within 1-2 hours and lasting 4-6 hours. Take NuCura CBD preworkout or post workout, to speed recovery, for mood, rest and relief.

Recommended use - With 52 MG per capsule our Enhanced CBD pills also have 2-3x that of most CBD products so only a capsule is needed to get a full dose of CBD per day, but you can take up to 4 per day. If you are pregnant, nursing may be pregnant or have any serious health concerns or health diagnoses, consult a doctor before using NuCura CBD. Not intended for children.

Contains hemp powder filler in a gelatin capsule. Can also be opened and put into applesauce or other foods to make for easy consumption.