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The Future of Cannabis


Cannabis has long been consumed for it’s incredible anti-inflammatory and uplifting effects. It is absorbed naturally by the body’s cannabinoid receptors and has been touted as a miracle healer for centuries. Many couldn’t imagine life without it.

There is, however one glaring issue.

It has been known in scientific circles since the 60s that cannabis and cannabinoid derivatives, while extremely effective, have a tendency to be broken down rapidly by the human body. Not only does this decrease the overall potency and lifespan, but it is also responsible for many of the negative side effects associated with cannabis.

This should be a major area of research, but there’s a reason why not…


The Revolution

Federal regulations have stunted scientific research and the advancement of cannabinoid technology, but with state laws becoming less strict and passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 we’ve begun to see a large increase in the availability of materials and information.

What has followed is a plethora of new variations and derivatives.

Some effective, some not so much

While formulations such as broad and full spectrum aim to balance or strengthen the experience, modifications such as nano and water-soluble cannabinoids work faster than traditional.

None of these address the rapid breakdown of cannabinoids by the human body. 


Our Chief Scientist has discovered a way to block 2 of the 3 metabolic pathways (seen on all cannabinoids). The result is slowed absorption meaning dramatically more of the cannabinoid is available faster and lasts longer.

This proprietary new class of compounds (Cannabinoid-Ketones) has 2 significant modes of action. 

By itself, CBK has extremely potent anti-inflammatory properties and performs similar to CBD with what users report as magnified or amplified beneficial effects that kick in sooner and last longer.

When taken with other cannabinoids such as THC, CBKs work in the same way to block the metabolism of the chemicals by the body resulting in an elevated experience that is brighter and has less negative side effects.

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