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CBK™ Amplified Cannabinoids

The Cutting Edge of Cannabis

Cannabinoid Ketones™ are a revolutionary new class of hemp-derived cannabinoids that alone act faster, last longer and offer stronger rest, relief and recovery than any other cannabis product on the market. When combined with other cannabinoid compounds, Keto-Cannabinoids™ help to prevent their breakdown & serve to amplify their effects up to 10x!

NuCura Enhanced CBD products feature a specially formulated blend of CBD & CBK Amplifiers designed to do everything CBD promised but can’t deliver alone. The most scientifically advanced CBD formulation available! Tested THC-Free, non-psychoactive & non-habit forming.

Recently Featured on “Between The Lines” Hosted By 3-Time Emmy Winner and Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipient Barry Kibrick

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Better By Design

Due to the typical rapid breakdown of cannabinoids (including nano, broad spectrum & water-soluble variations) the desired effects of CBD are muted substantially. By blocking the breakdown of these molecules for an extended period of time, NuCura Enhanced CBD is able to act quicker, outlasts and enhances the felt effects of traditional CBD dramatically.

This really is Enhanced CBD!


“This has the power to revolutionize the medical field!”

Barry Kibrick

Award-Winning Host of PBS’s “Between the Lines”

“Every once in awhile there is a breakthrough that nobody saw coming.  CBK is one of them. This discovery required expertise in multiple disciplines including botany, pharmacology and human biology.”

Tom Wood

Venture Capitalist

“I deal with constant effects from bodybuilding. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on all types of CBD products over the years. NuCura CBD has helped me like no other.”

Ryan Kennelly

Former World Powerlifting Organization Bench-Press Champ – 1075 lbs.

“I’m 67 years old. I’ve had my knees replaced and I have aches. I’ve been using NuCura CBD for a couple of years and it has helped. I’ve been very impressed with it.”

Ron H.

Former Ski Bum

Safe & Effective

The changes made to the cannabinoid molecules are small and safe but the benefits are big. Many of the benefits and side effects are the same as traditional CBD so you can trust our amplified cannabinoids will work.

Recover faster & train more! The best CBD brand for athletes & non-athletes alike!

Vascular System







Immune System




100% THC-Free Products with Better Results

NuCUra Enhanced CBD Products AVAILABLE IN 50 US States


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!
Are all CBD topicals & capsules the same?

CBD affects everyone differently, but as a rule of thumb, capsules tend to be more effective than tinctures and oils, while creams and CBD vape pens are faster. Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD oil are formulated to be more effective or targeted, while nano-CBD oil & water soluble CBD oil modify the actual molecule to increase absorption. All CBD companies are not the same.

Our Enhanced CBD formulation is sourced from US-based farms and has been tested and screened for pesticides, herbicides, and other impurities. We stand behind the product 100%.

Does NuCura CBD contain any THC?

NuCura CBD uses hemp-derived CBD that is screened for purity and which by law contains less than 0.3% THC content.  While we strive to ensure that all our products are 100% THC-free, as with any hemp-derived CBD products, trace amounts of THC may still exist even after processing and purification. 

Do you offer free shipping? What is your return policy?

Shipping is free on all orders to US. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

How long does NuCUra Enhanced CBD last?

Enhanced CBD Salve begins to take effect the minute you apply and will last for 2+ hours depending on level of activity. We recommend reapplying every few hours.

Capsules will start to take effect within 30 minutes with the peak lasting 2-4 hours and full effects about 4-6 hours.

How much CBD is In NuCura CBD?

Our flagship products, Enhanced CBD Salve & CBD capsules have a comparable amount or more than the next leading CBD brand. 5% CBD derivative in our topical and 52 MG per serving in our capsules. 

Can I buy something other than salve & capsules?

Currently, we have capsules and cream available, but feel free to check our our entire line of CBD products. We are working on new products at all times and will be releasing them as they are developed. Please email us what you are looking for at [email protected].

How does NuCura Enhanced CBD interact with other medicines?

As with other CBD products, no significant negative effects have been found when CBD is used in combination with other medications, but customers are advised to consult a physician before using any product or supplement with other medications.

Are CBD products for sleep disorders and anxiety disorders? Is CBD for pain relief?

While CBD is used for a variety of issues and could possibly help with these issues, making such therapeutic claims is generally prohibited by the FDA. What we can say is that CBD is great for relaxation & relief.

Is CBD safe for children & pets?

Although Harvard Medical School shows potential from CBD does exist, CBD is not recommended for consumption by anyone under the age of 18 without being prescribed by a medical professional.

CBD has been proven safe for many different pets. We are currently working on a CBD formulation featuring the same active ingredients.